Who else LOVES sugar! I used to drink a Coke almost everyday. Every morning I would have a chai latte from Starbucks, and every night I would eat a bowl of my favorite sugary cereal before bed. Sugar was a major part of my life!

The reason I started this 14 Day No Sugar Challenge had nothing to do with fitness but was actually because I am obsessed with skincare, skincare products, how to improve your skin, anything and everything, I just love to learn and read about it. I had been reading all these articles about how sugar and processed foods affect so many aspects of your body, one of the main ones being wrinkles and aging your face. It was early December when I came across the article, but I knew there was NO WAY I would make it through the holidays without sugar so I pushed it aside and decided to wait until the new year. January 1st hit and I decided to go 14 days with NO SUGAR! I posted it on my Instagram so I had extra accountability to do it and so many of you guys chimed in with ideas and your favorite snacks to make it happen.

Let me put one disclaimer out there. I did no major artificial sugars, so I still had honey, fruit, yogurt – I was staying away from the major things like pop, candy, cookies, sugary cereals, sugary lattes, processed junk food (I know it’s not sugar but just junk food in general – basically stuff I knew was bad for you). Below is my no sugar diary – if you want to skip past my blabbering I give some tips and and ideas at the bottom and what my overall outcome was.

Ocean AvenueEditor